Our Story

Twenty years ago, the Nunez family moved from Costa Rica to Asheville, NC, driven by their love for God, great food, and family. They envisioned creating a haven of warmth and flavor.

In the heart of their new community, they opened “Pizzeria Napoli,” an ode to their Italian-Costa Rican fusion. Oscar, a devout man with a passion for culinary arts, infused each dish with love and authenticity. The authentic pizza oven, a symbol of family unity, is stillĀ  tended by Oscar himself.

As the aroma of sizzling pizzas waft through Pizzeria Napoli, the Nunez family share not only the flavors of Italy and Costa Rica but also their love for God and life.

Pizzeria Napoli became more than a place to enjoy incredible food; it became a gathering space for those seeking not just a meal but a taste of family and faith. The Nunez family’s journey, marked by hard work and devotion, reflected in every slice served, creating a haven where people connected over the joy of great food, shared beliefs, and heartfelt conversations. The legacy of Pizzeria Napoli was not just about pizza; it was about bringing the community together under the banner of love, faith, and deliciousness.