Pizzeria Napoli
Authentic Italian Pizza

Step into an authentic Italian pizzeria, where a Traditional oven, expert pizzaiolo, and meticulously selected ingredients converge, creating a sensory journey into the heart of Italy’s culinary tradition. Buon appetito!

Fresh Ingredients

We pride ourselves on fresh, high-quality ingredients, from vibrant tomatoes to fragrant herbs, ensuring an authentic and delightful dining experience.

Handmade Dough

Our Italian restaurant crafts perfection daily with handmade dough, ensuring a fresh, flavorful foundation for the finest pizzas. Taste the difference!

"Secret Recipe" Sauce

Our Pizza's allure lies in our secret recipe sauce, a tantalizing blend of flavors that elevates every dish to perfection.

Bringing Happiness To You

Choose your Flavor

Food that brings people together!

Our pizza isn’t just a meal; it’s a shared experience, a flavorful bond that unites friends and family, turning moments into memories

Lunch Specials!

Lunch Extravaganza at Pizzeria Napoli! Only $9.50 for Stromboli, $12.50 for Pasta, $13.50 for Sandwich, or Personal Pizza – All Include Garlic Knots and a Drink!

Available Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Prices may vary. Check our menu for more tempting options.

Create your own pizza masterpiece with 2 toppings on a personal-sized pizza! Complete with Garlic Knots and a drink, it's a lunchtime delight.
Dive into a plate of savory pasta, expertly crafted with your favorite sauce. Accompanied by our delectable Garlic Knots and a drink, it's a pasta lover's dream come true.
Craft your own sandwich masterpiece with 2 toppings! Served alongside our signature Garlic Knots and a drink, it's a satisfying and flavorful lunch option.
Indulge in a delightful Stomboli featuring 2 toppings of your choice! Paired with our heavenly Garlic Knots and a refreshing drink, it's the perfect lunchtime treat.
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